Vegan Weddings

If you want a caterer that is just as committed to the Vegan lifestyle as we are to providing excellent service, sustainable practices, and locally sourced ingredients, look no further than Cuisine Catering.

Weddings are all about celebrating the deep love that you have for each other and forging a special partnership. That’s why we bring the love of the Vegan philosophy and partner with you for the wedding of your dreams. Love is a powerful thing, and what better way to celebrate then to bring the love of ethical, sustainable and fresh food to your event?

Choosing the right caterer for your wedding can be stressful, especially if you follow a specialized diet. It can be hard to find a caterer that will create something that every guest will enjoy. For over forty years, our parent company has catered Baltimore weddings to the highest standards, with an event team that you can trust to make sure your special day is taken care of.

We offer a full Vegan menu, liquor options, plated style, family style, buffet style, and more. If you have a vision for your perfect wedding menu, we can make it happen. Cuisine Catering even offers gluten free options for guests with dietary restrictions. Vegan options can be healthy and safe for every dietary need.

Our event designers will help you create an amazing wedding menu that will exceed your highest expectations. In addition to curating a customized plant-based menu, our staff will work to make sure that no details are overlooked. Cuisine Catering is a full-service caterer.

We bring the food, help you serve it, and assist with cleanup. You can choose from one of many beautiful event spaces in the Baltimore/Washington DC area, or we can create a tented event. Wherever you choose to have your special day, we’ll be there.

We can even provide a cake and many dessert options, so your wedding food journey can be easy, delicious, and plant based. If you opt to provide your own cake, no worries, we’ll cut it for you, free of charge. Whatever you decide, our capable and experienced staff is here for you.

Many couples may wonder how to create an all-Vegan wedding menu, but we have it covered. With dishes such as Moroccan Impossible Meatballs, Barbeque Jackfruit, Taco Stations, Pad Thai stations and more, even your loved ones who love animal-based products will find something they can enjoy. It’s important to us that your friends and family enjoy the menu so that you can focus on celebrating your love.

Our event staff gets to know every couple, what they like, what they don’t, and what they need to make sure this day is the most magical day of their lives. Our customers have trusted us over the years to make sure the stress is off the couple, and the food on the table is fresh and served with a smile.

Vegan Weddings